Quality Assurance

Testing IMPACT

Our quality assurance engineer assists meeting deadlines by breaking up the development process into testing goals and relaying any issues back to the development and product teams or leaders.

Document test cases

Specify which  input values, expected output and the preconditions for executing the test.Documentation for software testing is necessary for evaluating the testing effort needed, requirement tracking/tracing, test coverage.

Record test progress and results

Provides an opportunity to estimate testing results quickly. Test report records data gathered in an organized manner, describes the operational conditions, and shows the comparison of test results with test objectives.

Discover bugs within software

To achieve a friction-less user experience and eliminate bugs, we hire a skilled team. With our excellent QA team, bugs are reported and fixed before they reach you.

Perform manual and automated testing

We use many techniques that allow our QA engineers to perform manual or automated testing. Our Developers can perform unit testing. In a nutshell, our QA engineers know exactly how to identify software bugs.

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