Project Management

Managing IMPACT

“A project manager is like a doctor who leads the trauma team and decides the course of action for a patient – both at the same time. Without the right kind of authority to efficiently handle all the project management issues, development teams can easily get into trouble.” – Scott Berkun, the author of “Making Things Happen”

Activity and resource planning

Project planning is important in meeting project deadlines. PM’s create clear and comprehensive plans to execute and monitor project progress.

Organizing and motivating a project team

Create clear and straightforward, plans and steer the team down the path of a successful project

Controlling time management

Setting realistic deadlines and how to communicate them consistently to their teams

Cost estimating and developing the budget

Keeping within the budget is important. The budget is frequently reviewed and planned ahead to avoid massive budget overruns

Ensuring customer satisfaction

The main goal and project success is measured if the client is happy, avoid any unwanted surprises and involve their clients in the project as much as is reasonably possible.

Analyzing and managing project risk

The bigger the project the risk and hurdles will be faced. Project Managers know how to then avoid risks or at least minimize their impact.

Monitoring progress

Project managers and the team always has a full understand on project goals, but all projects do not go as planned, the project manager will monitor and analyze to always efficiently take corrective measures.

Managing reports and necessary documentation

Project will deliver a full project report at the end of the project, including what was done, who was involved, and what could be done better in the future.

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