UI/UX Design

Designing IMPACT

Irrespective of the size of an organization or the nature of an environment there is a need for UI/UX Designers to effectively present their designs, findings and the context of projects.

Business Goals and Technical Specifications

It is very important that UI/UX designers understand the the project vision and desired impact.

Competitive Analysis Report

It is vital that the UI/UX has a competitive advantage and a UX that is superior to others in the marketplace

Personas and UX Research Reports

It is  fundamental that UI/UX designers makes sure that clients understand the needs of the product’s customers. User research, a means for UI/UX Designers to extract behavioral patterns, add context and give insight into the design process.

User Journeys and User Flows

UX is about solving problems for users. Our designers make sure that they understand the persona, what the user’s goals are, and the main tasks they want to achieve.


wireframes are two-dimensional “blueprint” Graphics of a design framework and interface elements,that gives the client a high level overview.

Interactive Prototypes

Prototypes helps clients understand how things will work in an actual user case scenario.

Visual Design

The final step before the project is handed over to the development team, this is where the styleguide is applied and the final functional specifications is documented.

Styleguide and Specifications for Developers

The UI/UX team’s final step is to provide the styleguide to the development team, this is important to provide the project with a greater IMPACT.

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