About Us


Impulsum is the Latin word for “Impact.” Creating Innovation, Digital Transformation, and User Experience is about Customer Impact, People Impact, and Business Impact.

Our Values

Our Values is centered around being ethical, honest and creating software that makes a positive impact in the world

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop meaningful software to all the major companies around the world, whilst also assisting start up companies make their Impact.

What We Do

We offer full digital transformation services and develop software solutions in varies industries globally

Our History

Impulsum, with its head office in Cape town, is a leading South African software development and solutions company. The company was founded in 2019 and with a simple business philosophy of “Being Ethical”, coupled with pragmatic management, re-investment and an unwavering focus on creating impact allows Impulsum to continue growing at a rapid rate without the need for external capital injection.

Our process



Understand your business objectives, processes and desired impact



Define your business needs and not desires, 



Understand your solutions design, as well as the UX/UI design using all the latest methodologies and software tools avaiable



Development solutions and software that positively impact the needs of your business



Deploy software solutions seamlessly and effortless


Deliver & Support

Provide and deliver the best, most professional and continuous support through-out the development life-cycle and continue that support after the product is delivered

Why choose us?

We offer the most impactful ideas and make it our mission that we deliver top quality software.

Customer support is a continuous task that we take great pride inand we offer this support through-out the SDLC and is available after our services has been delivered

We take pride in creating products and offer services that leaves a positive impact in any business

We make sure that we hiring only the best people to assist you and keep your business goals at the top of our priority.

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